Friday, June 4

Exploris Grade 8 Dear Students and Families, LAST WEEK OF 8TH GRADE!!!! Everyone rocked their testing today. Thank you!  Monday, June 7 VirtualEOG Science ReviewAnthropocene Prep Tuesday, June 8IN PERSONScience EOG Anthropocene PrepTAKE HOME PORTFOLIOS and ANYTHING ELSE! Wednesday, June 9 VirtualAnthropocene Virtual Debates9:30-12pm (Student teams and schedule is below.)George Taylor Presentation1pm – register Thursday, June… Continue reading Friday, June 4

Friday, April 9

Exploris Grade 8 Dear Students and Families, Reminders: Graduation is Friday, June 11 at 10:30am  At this time graduation is planned for online, but we are exploring outdoor options.  Please Email if you are interested in helping to coordinate this opportunity. Here’s the link for purchasing your yearbook! Quantities are limited. Order today! High… Continue reading Friday, April 9