Friday, April 9

Exploris Grade 8 Dear Students and Families, Reminders: Graduation is Friday, June 11 at 10:30am  At this time graduation is planned for online, but we are exploring outdoor options.  Please Email if you are interested in helping to coordinate this opportunity. Here’s the link for purchasing your yearbook! Quantities are limited. Order today! High… Continue reading Friday, April 9

Friday, February 12

Exploris Grade 8 Dear Students and Families,  Monday will be asynchronous.  Students do have schoolwork!  See the calendar below. Winter Portfolios will be Monday, February 15th, and Friday, February 19th  Adrian’s Crew Cori’s Crew Jessie’s Crew Shannon’s Crew Sourdough Reminder: Students need to feed their sourdough daily Saturday, Sunday, and on Monday during the Teacher… Continue reading Friday, February 12