Monday, November 5

November 5, 2018

Exploris Grade 8

Check out this article about reading just 10 minutes a night! It increases student word exposure by 1 million words a year!

8th grade AM Study Hall: You’re invited to join an optional 8th Grade Study Hall on Thursday mornings from 7:00-7:55 am in 8N. Students may come to catch up or work on assignments quietly. This will be a quiet, focused work session designed to provide extra support and/or extra time for students wanting to catch up or get ahead.

Outward Bound Applications are overdue. Please get those turned in ASAP.

Payment due this Friday is $250 to bring your total to $500. We have emailed receipts of Coupon Book credits so that you know how much you owe towards your $500 total at this point. The final $875 is due by January 18. Here is the video link if you missed the parent presentation on Thursday.

End racism by Joining our 8th grade service learning group’s campaign in remembrance of the 1918 lynching of George Taylor.  

AMC 8 Math Test Parents who have registered their students to take the AMC 8 Math Test, please turn in your $5 fee as soon as possible this week to your CREW teacher. The test takes place on on Tuesday November 13th, 2018 from 8:30 – 9:30 am. If you need assistance in paying for this, please contact your CREW teacher. If your child is a middle school student and  is interested in taking this test, please click the link and register.  We have 6 spots left but students must register via this link.

Service Project (DONATIONS) Hello! My name is Lucinda and I am in the 7th-grade service learning group called  Conservationists.  We are in need of WOOD to create owl boxes for Eastern Screech Owls. We need unpainted wood (NOT Presswood or plywood) that is 3/4 -1 inch thick and at least 10 inches wide (3/4 to 1″ X 10″) and as long as possible. Pine would be fine or cedar scraps are good too. If you have wood that you can drop off please contact Helene at   We would need this WOOD as soon as possible since we are trying to make OWL BOXES after our Thanksgiving Break.  Thank you so much!

7th Grade Conservationists

Communities in Schools Success Coach Tara Delgado The Exploris School is pleased to announce our New Partnership with Communities and Schools of Wake County. Through this partnership, we have a Success Coach that will be on our campus three days a week. Tara Delgado will be are Success Coach and we are pleased to have her.

Communities and Schools (CIS) of Wake County is dedicated to providing support to schools, student, families and the community. CIS surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school, reach their goals, and achieve in life. Click here to find out more about our Success Coach, Tara Delgado.

Election Day – Please take your child to vote, and talk with your child about your votes. Wake County Early Voting  Remember Exploris opens on time on Election Day!

Philip’s Question of the Week

Collecting Food for the Elderly at Glenwood:  We are collecting food for the seniors, as they do not get food over Thanksgiving break.  The whole school is helping to bring a little joy and food to each of the 318 residents of Glenwood Towers.  Sign Up

High School Corner:

Yearbooks for Sale – Click here to purchase your 2018-2019 yearbook. The price is $35.


Parents and students, can you please download the replay it app to your phones or use the website to submit pictures for yearbook! Thank you!


Monday 11/5
Tuesday 11/6
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes, review lists 4-6, Review Activity for HW
  • DFC Work
  • Fossil Club 3:15 – 4:15
  • Ultimate Frisbee
Wednesday 11/7
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes, review lists 7-8
  • DFC Work
  • Analytics Club This Week
Thursday 11/8
  • Optional Study Hall: 8N 7:00 – 7:55 AM
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes, review lists 9-10
  • DFC Work
  • Service Learning
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3:15 – 4:15 7S
  • Gaming Club 3:15 – 4:15 8S
  • Yearbook 3:15 – 4:15 8N
  • Allies 3:15 – 4:00 Art Room
Friday 11/9
  • FINAL day for OB applications
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes, #1- #5 review Test
  • DFC: Share Due
  • Electives Round 2 – 1:30 – 3:10
  • Wash Rags – Sign Up – Thank you Tammy and Russell Hatch!
  • Friday, November, 9 – $500 in payments or credits TOTAL (including first payments and coupon book sales)  toward Outward Bound Total in Jan ($875)
Next Week
  • Monday, Nov. 12 – Veterans Day – Holiday
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13 AMC 8 – Math Test 8:30-9:30
  • Wednesday, Nov. 14 – Design for Change Culminating Event
  • Friday, November 16 – End of First Trimester, Teacher Workday
  • Thanksgiving Break – Thursday, Nov 15 (3:15pm)- Tuesday, Nov. 27 (8am)

Important Dates (Exploris CALENDAR):

Friday, November 30 – Elective Round 3 1:30 – 3:10

Friday, December 7 – Elective Round 4 1:30 – 3:10

Friday, December 14 – Elective Round 5 1:30 – 3:10

Friday, December 21 – Early Dismissal

Winter Break – Friday Dec 21 (12:15pm) – Monday, Jan 7 (8am)

Friday, Jan 18 – PAYMENT IN FULL FOR TOTAL $875- Outward Bound

Monday, Jan 21 – MLK Holiday

Friday, February 15 – Early Dismissal

Monday, Feb 18 – Teacher Workday

Friday March 8 – End of Second Trimester, Teacher Workday

Monday, March 11 – Teacher Workday

Spring Break – Friday, April 12 (3:15pm) – Tuesday, April 23 (8am)

Outward Bound – April 22 – 26 (please note we will depart at 7AM the Monday after Spring Break)

Tuesday, May 28-30 – Science and Reading EOG’s

Thursday, May 23 – Passage Portfolio (No school 8th grade; make-up teacher workday.)

Friday, May 24 –  Passage Portfolio – Teacher Workday

Monday, May 27- Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 28 – EOGs

Wednesday, May 29 EOGs

Friday, May 31 – Math 8 EOG, Math I EOC, Math II NCFE

Monday, June 3 – Passage Portfolio (No school 8th grade.)

Friday, June 7 – Graduation (10:30 am), early dismissal

Friday, June 8 – End of Third Trimester, last day of school

8th Grade Contacts

Sharon Cuffe,

Jessie Francese,

Cori Greer-Banks,

Shannon Hardy,

Paula Mancini,

Adrian Findlay,

Eugene Wheeler,

Who’s Who?

Cori Greer-Banks – Crew, Humanities, Expedition

Jamie Butler – Art

Sharon Cuffe – Exceptional Children’s Teacher

Michelle Duncan – School Counselor

Adrian Findlay – Crew, Math, Expedition

Jessie Francese – Crew, Humanities, Expedition

Shannon Hardy – Crew, Math, Expedition

Jill Hemingway – Interventionist

Paula Mancini – Exceptional Children – Teaching Partner

Mary Margaret Moffitt – Development Coordinator, but mostly just about anything you need!

Carolee McLinnahan – Administrative Assistant – Attendance

Michelle Parkerson – Associate Director of the Middle School (6-8)

Ellie Schollmeyer- Executive Director

Oliver Smith – Health and Wellness

Eugene Wheeler – World Language


Parent and Teacher Organization

  • Join PTO – much, much help still needed! LINK
  • 2018-2019 Carpool Form ; 2018-2019 Carpool MAP  (Password: 1997*)
  • Spiritwear – LINK
  • Lunch Orders – LINK

Clubs and Extended Care Program:



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