Tuesday, November 27

November 27, 2018

Exploris Grade 8

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  We are excited to kick off our next trimester as we leave the Convergence of our United States, rivers, and ideas – and wonder the bigger question.  Is there strength in divergence? Are diverse ecosystems better? Can we carefully observe the impact of diversity in our physical and social world? Has the United States prevailed in protecting our “general Welfare” as promised in the Constitution. We will evaluate our global and local achievement to meet three of the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals: (1) Good Health & Well Being,  (2) Reduce Inequalities, and (3) Industry & Innovation

The World Health Organization does not define “health” as the absence of illness or disease.  They extend the definition to include a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.  If this is the case we must use our studies to ask the following essential questions:

  1. How does diversity contribute to the health of biological and social systems?
  2. What are the factors that contribute to the spread of disease, events, and ideas?
  3. What is the evidence that societies are striving toward social justice?
  4. How can technology contribute to a global morality?

These questions and many more as we perform the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, read CROW, map our personal microbes, trace the Spanish Flu around the world, pretend we are the World Health Organization and identify the greatest threats to humans today, evaluate historical tipping points, learn how food contributes to human performance, make our own Sourdough Bread ecosystem, and become experts on NC’s biotechnologies attempting improve our food and agricultural opportunities.

SPIRIT WEEK for both campuses will be the week of December 3-7.

  • Monday, December 3: PJ Day
  • Tuesday, December 4: Favorite Thing Day (dress like your favorite character or sports team or book, etc)
  • Wednesday, December 5: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday, December 6: Decade Day (Dress like a certain decade of your choice!)
  • Friday, December 7: Crew Day (Dress up together with a theme decided by your crew)

Exploris Improv Workshop with Jeris Donovan Livengood  from Moonlight Stage Company returns for her 5th year leading IMPROV at Exploris.  After many years in LA including coaching with “Modern Family” Jeris brings humor and confidence to our Exploris 6-8th grade.  Dates: Dec 3, 10, 17, Jan 7, Jan 14 (3:15-4:30 pm in the Exploris basement) with a performance at Expressions Day (1/18) 1:30pm. COST: $40 Please make checks payable to Jeris Donovan Livengood.  Please go to this Google Form to sign up. There are only 15 slots, and they are secured when Shannon Hardy (8th grade) receives your check or when your scholarship request is made to Michelle Parkerson. IMPROV SIGNUP  ?’s Jeris Donovan Livengood  dessdel@yahoo.com

Exploris Soccer- Please go to the following link for more information about our winter indoor soccer program.  We look forward to continuing our tradition of including ALL levels of experience on our Exploris Teams!  There is only one practice – just to get the feel of indoor soccer, Tuesday, December 18, 4-5pm. Then just weekly games. All of our  11/12 and 13/14 games will on Sunday afternoons! Hopefully this does not interfere with travel players. This is not a developmental program.  There are NO TRYOUTS!  We have elite players and beginners.    We promise you all skill levels are welcomed, including zero experience.  Effort and smiles are the only expectation! This program is about fitness, fun, laughter, sweat, play, leadership, compassion, and teamwork!  Competition is important, and the students know the teams are carefully designed to tie one another.  WHERE? XL Soccerworld WHEN? Winter II Season 2018 (January 8 – end of Feb.)  

Philip’s Question of the Week #6 –  Do You Think 8th Grade Is Doing A Good Job Preparing You For High School?

High School Corner:

Yearbooks for Sale – Click here to purchase your 2018-2019 yearbook. The price is $35


Parents and students, can you please download the replay it app to your phones or use the website to submit pictures for yearbook! Thank you!


Trimester 2 SNAPSHOT “Strength in Divergence”  Draft Expedition Plan
Monday 11/26
  • Teacher Work Day
Tuesday 11/27
Wednesday 11/28
  • Working Lunch
  • Math 8 Khan Quiz 1 Check
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes, #6 Paragraph
  • Analytics Club This Week
Thursday 11/29
  • Optional Study Hall: 8N 7:00 – 7:55 AM
  • Demise of Humanity Timeline
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes
  • Service Learning
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3:15 – 4:15 7S
  • Gaming Club 3:15 – 4:15 8S
  • Yearbook 3:15 – 4:15 8N
  • Allies 3:15 – 4:00 Art Room
Friday 11/30
  • UDHR Lines Memorized
  • Humanities: Read 30 minutes
  • Wash Rags – Sign Up – Thank you Russell and Tammy Hatch!
  • Elective Round 3: 1:30 – 3:10
Next Week
  • Spirit Week – December 3 – 7
    • Monday – PJ Day
    • Tuesday – Favorite Thing Day
    • Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday
    • Thursday – Decade Day
    • Friday – CREW day
  • Achievement Reports emailed home Dec 3
  • Improv Starts Dec 3
  • Soccer Registration Due Dec. 5
  • Friday, December 7 – Elective Round 4 1:30 – 3:10
  • Friday, December 7 – Birds and Bears departs at 12:30

Important Dates (Exploris CALENDAR):

Tuesday, Dec. 18 – 3:30-5pm Indoor Practice at XL

Friday, December 14 – Elective Round 5 1:30 – 3:10

Friday, December 14 – EJI Legacy Museum Trip

Friday, December 21 – Early Dismissal

Winter Break – Friday Dec 21 (12:15pm) – Monday, Jan 7 (8am)

Friday, Jan 18 – PAYMENT IN FULL FOR TOTAL $875- Outward Bound

Monday, Jan 21 – MLK Holiday

Friday, February 15 – Early Dismissal

Monday, Feb 18 – Teacher Workday

Friday March 8 – End of Second Trimester, Teacher Workday

Monday, March 11 – Teacher Workday

Spring Break – Friday, April 12 (3:15pm) – Tuesday, April 23 (8am)

Outward Bound – April 22 – 26 (please note we will depart at 7AM the Monday after Spring Break)

Thursday, May 23 – Passage Portfolio (No school 8th grade; make-up teacher workday.)

Friday, May 24 –  Passage Portfolio – Teacher Workday

Monday, May 27- Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 28 – EOGs

Wednesday, May 29 EOGs

Friday, May 31 – Math 8 EOG, Math I EOC, Math II NCFE

Monday, June 3 – Passage Portfolio (No school 8th grade.)

Friday, June 7 – Graduation (10:30 am), early dismissal

Friday, June 8 – End of Third Trimester, last day of school

8th Grade Contacts

Sharon Cuffe, scuffe@exploris.org

Jessie Francese, Jfrancese@exploris.org

Cori Greer-Banks, cori@exploris.org

Shannon Hardy, shardy@exploris.org

Paula Mancini, Pmancini@exploris.org

Adrian Findlay, adrian@exploris.org

Eugene Wheeler, ewheeler@exploris.org

Who’s Who?

Cori Greer-Banks – Crew, Humanities, Expedition

Jamie Butler – Art

Sharon Cuffe – Exceptional Children’s Teacher

Tara Delgado – Communities in Schools Success Coach

Michelle Duncan – School Counselor

Adrian Findlay – Crew, Math, Expedition

Jessie Francese – Crew, Humanities, Expedition

Shannon Hardy – Crew, Math, Expedition

Jill Hemingway – Interventionist

Paula Mancini – Exceptional Children – Teaching Partner

Mary Margaret Moffitt – Development Coordinator, but mostly just about anything you need!

Lori Mauro – Guidance, Second Step Curriculum

Carolee McLinnahan – Administrative Assistant – Attendance

Michelle Parkerson – Associate Director of the Middle School (6-8)

Ellie Schollmeyer- Executive Director

Oliver Smith – Health and Wellness

Eugene Wheeler – World Language


Parent and Teacher Organization

  • Join PTO – much, much help still needed! LINK
  • 2018-2019 Carpool Form ; 2018-2019 Carpool MAP  (Password: 1997*)
  • Spiritwear – LINK
  • Lunch Orders – LINK

Clubs and Extended Care Program:



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